Goals and Aspirations

It has been a while now since I last tried to formulate my goals and having done some thinking I feel all the more certain that I can restate my goals here.

Short Term Goals:

  1. Monthly save 50% Of my current income and loans in low cost index funds and dividend stock.
  2. Beat the interest plus income tax with the returns on dividend stocks yearly.
  3. Pay of the forced mortgage and interest using dividend from stocks.
  4. Keep a 3-6 month buffer incase of housing crisis or a forced move due to critical changes in way of life.
  5. Minimize extravagant spending. ( See Post : Budget *hyperlink will follow as it is a work in progress)
  6. Rebalanced portfolio before the end of November.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Evaluate housing conditions; at the moment. high rents and low interest on loans.
  2. Diversify passive income sources to include but not limited to any of the following: affiliation on blogs, websites or other multimedia sources, influensors sponsorship, book or other royalties possibilities, renting e.g. rooms in bigger apartments to friends or smaller apartments in whole to strangers to offset mortgages and interest on loans.
  3. Start my own business in tech industry as a part-time expert consultant.
  4. Start my own business in tech industry as innovative problems solutions with a lease possibility for easily scalable production: More idea generation needed. [WORK IN PROGRESS]

These are various ideas currently being worked upon : tactical and strategic plans shall follow along side a budget.

Best wishes,




Design Thinking

After listening to the podcast Hidden Brain I came across the concept of Design Thinking in your own private life.

I can correllate this to my current course in entreprenurship.

It aspires to teach you to face your a situation and find all the problems with it, approach the situation from all sides, aspire to find every angle of the concept and each individual hassle with it. From there on focus, on one or two or several and apply it to your own private life.

Ideas for a future blog post shall follow concerning DT applied to my own lifes.

best wishes,
// AW

Summer Contemplations

From early spring till about summer there was alot of turmoil in my life. I decided to start working three part time jobs and I lost focus on the importance of my education.

The situation has currently improved, I am down to two jobs now and I have begun focusing on my education again with a new directional inspiration into the world of business and business management.

Regarding my road to financial indepence my three jobs allowed my to continue my saving plan with the goals that had been set for myself.

These where:
Save $900 monthly in low-cost index funds.
Never dip into my savings for leisure.

Very basic but obtainable goals.

I am glad to be back.

// A.W.



A goal without a plan…

Is nothing more than a wish. –

My goal as previously stated is to be financially sound at the time of my retirement.
My plan to get there is rather simple to begin with. Its rough draft is as follows:

Acquire passive income in the form of interest rates, dividends, and rent.

There I aim for about 10-20% of all my capital to be invested as cash for interest rates, hopefully this will submit about 7% of all income, this is assuming a 2% ROE (return on equity). This cash will be kept for emergencies and potential drops so it will be easier to capture market drops when re-balancing my portfolio. I hope for about 20-30% to be invested in real estate, these can have mortgages which will not be included in my cash count but the interest rates will count against the income acquired from such properties. This will hopefully contribute about 28% of all my income, this is assuming a 5% ROE. And the rest will but put in the open market in funds and ETFs and will yield about 65% of income, this is assuming a7% ROE, which is in my opinion quiet high.

As you can see 7%+28%+65% = 100% so all my passive income will come from these three aspects.
This is just my plan from the beginning. It is bound to be open to changes and re-evaluations. More numbers shall be arriving shortly.