Money as a tool

My personal opinion on cold hard cash is that it is a tool.

It is a tool to achieve experiences, pleasure and comfort. But with that in mind its also a tool to achieve, security, peace of mind and a greater quality of life.

These are very different aspects of the power of money, and some perchance enjoy pursuing some over the other.

Extreme hobbyist might spend all of their disposable income on the pleasure of their hobby. Others on new experiences, or repetition of old ones. And others on comforts such as clothes, housing and other material goods.

Some use it to acquire security, with buffers and the capability to care for their loved ones in cases of emergencies and hard times.
Others use it to acquire a peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the small things in life while enjoying a lower work rate.
And others use it as a tool to acquire a greater quality of life, with education, affordable healthcare and being able to follow ones own pursuit in life with the monetary means to fund such expenses.

It’s vital for a person to locate where they are in life, what their aspirations are and to save accordingly. There are few out there whom enjoy slaving away at a job because they NEED the money to pay rent and they can’t afford to not work because they might loose their housing, though this could be a reality for many.

Therefore I encourage you who might have the means now, to set aside a bit of your current earnings to be able to provide for the future you want to live when you want to live it.

One of the lessons I have learnt is that to pay yourself first, with savings, before spending on expenditures. 1%, 2%, 10%, or whatever you feel capable of setting aside without diminishing your quality of life is what I strongly encourage.
Will that 2$ coffee at lunch, every really improve your satisfaction compared to having that 2$ coffee when you really feel like it?

We are creature of habit, but that means that habits form us and sometimes we stop enjoying the habits we acquire.

Food for thought today.

Best wishes,

// A.W


Story so far…

Currently I am sitting on a approximately 40% Cash and 60% equity balance. This is because currently I only have a partt-ime job with irregular hours so I feel the need for a greater safety net incase of release from employment, sickness or other extreme events. This sum should be able to sustain me for an approximated year and a half with no additional income.

Being a months since I started this blog I realized I think it would be nice for me to keep a journal of how my portfolio changes, the resource allocations and the asset allocations within these resources. I’ll start by making a list here in this post but I’m contemplating filing these away under a new tab. Potentially called one of the following “Portfolio Allocations / Portfolio History / Asses Allocations.”

Currently (2017-03-02):

CASH: (% is given of the total portfolio)

Low Interest rate account (0.7%) :  36.6%

Non Interest rate account (0.0%) :  5.6%


Stocks :  42.7%

Bonds:   15.1%


xxxx:xx %

Total Debt in % of net worth  78.8%

2016-06-26:  (Approximately start of my investment phase)

CASH: (% is given of the total portfolio)

Low interest rate account (0.7%)  : 92.2%

Non-interest account (0.00%)     : 0.94%


Stocks :  4.1%

Bonds :  2.8%


xxxxx: xx %


Total debt in % of net worth : 89.4%

I wish you all the best until next time,

// A.W

Starting out

and how to get to where a am now, part one.

It began with a mental decision, “I don’t want to live in eternal debt for the rest of my life.” This idea came from watching most of my friends frivouslly spend their student loans on alcohol, trips, clothes, eating out and other non-essentiall trivialities. At the end of the month before the next payment was in they where always going on about how broke and poor they where, but once again when the next loan arrived out and away it too went. I was in the same situation with these groups of friends and was spending my money the same way. One day after much contemplating I took a stand. I was going to start savnig up enough money so I could be free for a couple of months and not need to strees for the next loan to arrive.

I started using my normal bank’s savings account. It had an interest of 0.7% when I first started using it. This quickly dropped down to 0% within just a few months. Eventually i started looking for another bank account with a greater interest rate. i found one with 2.5% that was governmentally insured incase the bank lost all its money I would recieve a compensation for up to a certain amount (way above what I was investing). There it sat for several years untill due 1.5 years ago when I got a notification saying that the interest for this bank account was also at 0.5% lower then my initial bank account.

I took a look at the amount of money i had saved up, and compared it to the interest rate on my school loan and realized my percentage rate of return was lower than the interest on my loan! Here is where I took the next step to learning more about private economy, investing ideas, and passive incomes. I will continue to discuss these in future posts.

best regards,